Project Name  Explanations  Begining and  Completion Date 
Tepe Construction  Sport Complex at Kremenchug, UKRAINE (Heating & Ventilation,  11.2.1995  15.10.1995 
Plumbing and Swimming Pools,17.000sqm. 1995-incl.Project and Design 
Tepe Construction  Adminstrative Building and Heating Center Mechanical   16.1.1995  01.6.1995 
Works at Kremenchug - Ukraine, 1995-icl.project and Design 
Poyraz - Özgü A.Ş.  Municipality of Ankara Multi Storey Underground Car Park and   28.6.1996  25.8.1997 
Social Services, Conference Hall (HVAC & Plumbing Fire Fighting), 1996 
Akfen Holding  Fethiye State Hospital 200 Beds (HVAC & Plumbing, Fire Fighting,  05.6.1997  10.5.2000 
Hygienic Air Conditioning System,Low Current System and Power Supply), 1997 
Include Desigin and Project 
TAIS Man & Contracting Co.  Village at Perm,RUSSIA (HVAC and Plumbing), 1998  16.1.1998  16.8.1998 
Aknet Construction company  Hotel Violin Bodrum, 4 star hotel , 400 beds complete HVAC Projects and Electrical  10.12.1998  17.6.2000 
Installation Applications. 
Include Desigin and Project 
Ölüdeniz Resort LTD.  Ölüdeniz Resort Hotel 5 star 600 beds, complete HVAC projects and Electrical  01.3.1999  31.12.1999 
Installation Applications. 
Include Desigin and Project 
UTM  International LTD.  Bilkent Roll House Bowling Hall (HVAC & Plumbing and Electrical Works), 1999  01.5.1999  31.10.1999 
Include Desigin and Project 
Öztaş Center  General Directorate Building( HVAC & Plumbing), 1999  23.6.1999  31.12.1999 
Barmek İnsaat A.Ş.  Tesamtürk Ground Satellite Station (HVAC & Plumbing and Electrical Works)  16.4.1999  31.12.1999 
Include Desigin and Project 
İnsat Construction  (Alcatel & Turkish Telecom)   14.3.2000  16.10.2000 
(HVAC & Plumbing and Electrical Works), 2000 
Include Desigin and Project 
JP Morgan - Morgan Quaranty Trust Of Newyork  HVAC, Plumbing , Fire protection and Electrical works.  30.6.2000  14.4.2001 
İstanbul Office Building,12.000 sqm-2001 
Include Desigin and Project 
Ministry of Economy  GÜMRÜK VAKFI , 2002 / Foundation of Custom,  28.6.2001  01.12.2002 
Custom Administration  Administration Building (HVAC & Plumbing and Electrical Works) 
Include Desigin and Project 
United States Army Corp of Engineers  Mechanical and Electrical works.  15.8.2001  06.4.2002 
Morisson Ltd Tbilisi Aircrft Hanger Project - Tbilisi / Georgia, 2002 
Include Desigin and Project 
Akfen Holding  Düzce  Business Centers,Mechanical and Electrical works,72.000 sqm -2003  29.5.2002  31.12.2003 
Include Design and Project 
UTM  Uluslarası Ltd. Şti.   Electrical, Heating and Plumbing Systems at, Physical Treatment  24.4.2002  31.12.2003 
Hacettepe Universty  Buildings. D Bloks, Hacettepe University, 2003 
Municipality of ANKARA  Municipality of Ankara, Sport Complex at Yunus Göleti  20.9.2003  15.7.2004 
Kuzu Construction Ltd Sincan,  Electrical and Mechanical works,2004 -(36.000 m2)  
Include Desigin and Project 
Metro Engineering LTD.  Aydın Closed Sports Complex   07.4.2003  15.10.2004 
Air Conditioning and Plumbingand Electrical works, 2004  (10.000 m2) 
Include Desigin and Project 
YDA - AKSA Administration Center  Genel Directorate Building (HVAC and Plumbing) , Ankara-12.000sqm,2005  01.7.2004  05.1.2005 
Include Desigin and Project 
Trakya Glass Factory - Bulgaria  Trakya Glass Bulgaria Factory, HVAC and   10.7.2004  19.5.2005 
SİSTEM Yapı Contruction  Plumbing installation of  work site, Targonishie city-2005 
Include Desigin and Project 
Dalaman Municipality - Turkey  Dalaman 100 beds State Hospital - 19.000sqm  04.8.2004  Cont. 
Mechanical and Electrical works-2005 
Include Desigin and Project 
Municipality of Ankara Karşıyaka  
Belbeton A.Ş.  Cemetary Funeral Works Center  20.12.2004  14.9.2005 
HVAC,Plumbing ,Mortuary Installations and Electrical works-20.000 sqm, 2005 
Include Desigin and Project 
Raiffeisen Bank Property Management-Bulgaria  EXPO 2000 Business Center- Sofia 
Akfen Construction  Complete, Electrical and Mechanical Works-15.000 sqm 
(Incl. HVAC, Plumbing, Building Automation, Lighting, High and  29.3.2004  05.4.2005 
Low Voltage etc), 2005 
Include Desigin and Project 
Alyans Textile Factory- Kazakhstan  Alyans / Kazakhstan - Russia Textile Factory-42.000 sqm  31.7.2004  15.2.2005 
Ditaco International  LTD.  Mechanical and Electrical works -2005 
Include Desigin and Project 
Meridian Lesure Hotels- Bulgaria  Holiday Inn Hotel- Sofia 
16.000 sqm,   02.3.2005  01.11.2006 
 Electrical and Mechanical Works , 2006 
Include Desigin and Project 
Ankara Museum and Cultural Center-Turkey  Museum and Cultural Center Mechanica and Electrical Works-10.000 sqm, 2006  06.5.2005  10.5.2006 
Include Desigin and Project 
Dalaman International Airport _ Turkey  Dalaman(Marmaris) New International Airport Terminal , 120.000 sqm.  15.6.2005  01.3.2007 
ATM Construction J.V   Mechanical Works,2006 
Include Desigin and Project 
Maritza East 1 Power Plant -Bulgaria  Maritza East 1 Power Plant- 2*335 MW-Galabovo/Bulgaria  
Alstom Power - TGO JV  417.000 sqm,  01.4.2007  Cont. 
   Electrical and Mechanical Works , 2007     
Maramaray Subway Project-Turkey  Maramaray Subway Project-Istanbul/Turkey -2007 
Marubeni Corporation-Japan  41 subway stations and other facilities  29.9.2007  Cont. 
Electrical and Mechanical Works  
  Include Desigin and Project     
Chimkent Spor Complex -Kazakhstan  Chimkent Spor Complex -Kazakhstan-11.000 sqm  17.10.2007  15.09.2009. 
Ditaco International  LTD.  Mechanical and Electrical works -2007 
Aymek Engineering EOOD Dalaman City – Sun Houses Vacation Village 10.03.2009  Cont. 
Own investment  Including 52 apartments, swimming pooling and leisure area 
Orchid Developments Group Project  Grand Mall Varna, Varna City 02.12.2008  Cont 



AYMEK ENGINEERING exists since 2003 as a part of AYMEK Group, established in 1997 in the Capital of Turkey, Ankara.




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