At the present moment AYMEK is finalizing 2 of its jobs, namely:


- GRAND MALL VARNA - one of the biggest multifunctional buildings in the country that is situated in the Sea Capital –Varna. Grand Mall is created in accordance with the highest international standards. Total build-up area is 166,000 m2 with retail space 52 000 m2 and 1750 parking lots. It is provided 2 office buildings to be constructed at later stage. The Employer of that project is Israeli Company „AFCON INDUSTRIES GROUP”. The new Shopping Centre is expected to meet its first visitors in May, 2010.


- The other ongoing project is MARITZA EAST 1 POWER PLANT – it is the first new Electricity Generating Plant that shall start up after closing 2 of the nuclear reactors with its 700 MW, helping the country to meet the deficit. This determines the significant position of the project. Its Investor is the Global Power Corporation AES and main Contractor is „ALSTOM POWER” Consortium. Aymek performs the Electro-Mechanical Works of all the 31 new-constructing buildings.




AYMEK ENGINEERING exists since 2003 as a part of AYMEK Group, established in 1997 in the Capital of Turkey, Ankara.




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